Pluto Nash


Director: Ron Underwood

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

This got such miserable reviews I just never went to see it, but suddenly needing a "family" film to watch with friends who don't like the gruesome stuff I tend to pick out, it seemed a good moment to catch up on one of Eddie Murphy's least successes.

It's a sci-fi comedy set in the club-scene on the moon. The mob wants Pluto's nightclub, & when he tells them to shove it, lots of destructive goofy space-opera action is forthcoming.

It's no great shakes for storyline, & the amount of money they spent on the special FX makes no sense at all. It comes off as a "little" film instead of a ghastly expensive money-loser. But putting aside the fact that it was an unforseen bomb at the box office, I can't see why it got panned so much.

If you don't analyze the simpleminded yet illogical excuse for a "plot," it's really quite a fun ride, & to see Dennis Quaid as Bodyguard Robot With a Happiness Chip is alone enough to give this at least a passing grade. And it really is a great one to watch with some kids of all ages.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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