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Welcome to the film review pages of Paghat the Ratgirl. A huge percentage of these reviews are of horror films & Japanese cinema & Asian films generally, but actually I like all sorts of movies & coverage is broad.

There is solid coverage of silent films inclusive of the primitive silent era of Edison & Melies; swashbucklers & historicals & jungle films & similar actiony genres; crime & especially film noir; classic (& vintage schlock); Hollywood & independent dramas, comedies, musicals, westerns, documentaries/mocumentaries, & many terribly unusual films of the avant garde, short subjects, animation...

Some unusual areas of coverage are the finest on the web, including hundreds of reviews of soundies, of black-cast "race films," of Betty Boop, of samurai films & yakuza-eiga or Japanese gangster films -- so much coverage in each area that any one of these topics could've been spun out as a separate website with scores or hundreds of pages.

Though by the films reviewed it's obvious I do like artful cinema, I am at the same time very seriously enamored of sundry areas of trash/cult/exploitation cinema. I'm especially fond of horror whether brilliant works of genius or laughable microbudget junk inclusive of microcinema/fanfilms.

So areas of horror & psycho killers, ghosts & science fiction & fantasy, add up to substantial coverage, tackled with stronger international attention than most horror review sites strive toward.

I'm especially proud of the extensive & constantly expanding selection of Asian film reviews which include a great many things rarely or never discussed in English resources in any format, & certainly discussed nowhere else on the web. So while film websites are a dime a dozen, quite a bit that will be found here is uniquely informative in areas of samurai, yakuza, wuxia, kung fu, j-horror, soundies, short subjects, & all aspects of horror cinema.
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