Amityville Horror


Director: Andrew Douglas

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Amityville Horror This remake amps up the degree of haunting observed during the Amityville Horror (2005). For the first half hour it's pretty exciting stuff. The sepia-toned prologue was beautiful.

But at some point so much dreadful stuff has happened, & the Husband (Ryan Reynolds) has gone so wiggy, that it was merely moronic that the Mother (Melissa George) didn't get the kids to safety.

Her husband was clearly mad as a hatter, & a person wouldn't even have to believe in ghosts to know this is bad news. If she wanted to risk her own life to bring the man she loved out of it, fine, that could be heroic. But her absolute refusal until the last minutes of the film to get the kids out of there was irresponsible to the point of abuse.

The excess of haunting never added up to anything cohesive. The "revelation" of what the house had been a couple centuries before just added to the eventual tiresomeness of FX to XS.

With characters remain moronic & visuals become increasingly tiresome instead of increasingly awesome, so Amityville Horror has little to recommend it. But I will add that I didn't feel I wasted my time because I'm capable of enjoying some pretty crappy stuff, & other B horror fans will likely feel the same, since making fun of how bad it gets can be sufficient to justify viewing it.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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