Beautiful Creatures


Director: Bill Eagles

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

By the end of this film the bloodshed & mayhem is so absurd that it no longer matters that these two women leave a trail of evidence even a child could trace back to them. It's not the sort of Blood Simple comedy that makes sense, but more of a comicbook version of Pulp Fiction amateurishly reworked for heightened Girl Appeal.

Two lovely young Scottish psychopaths (Rachel Weisz & Susan Lynch) kill their boyfriends, then set out to scam one of the dead lads' mobster brother, providing the slim excuse for its cinematic excesses.

The relationship between these two women, who inspire each others' worst natures, is great fun to watch, & it's a rewarding film despite itself. A lot of the tension of the first half, however, is seeing how everything bad they do is so foolishly concocted that they will get caught; there couldn't possibly be any question about that.

It only begins to be merely gorey comedy when it becomes clear they don't live in a world where police actually exist, so yeah, they might get away with it, despite tracking blood all the way to their next hide-out or home. Not a smart film by any means, but as mindless entertainment goes, effective for the eye-candy & the sick laughs.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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