Director: Many, for short subjects

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

As tends to be the case with compilations of music videos, these are very uneven, but the best ones are really very good.

Sensuality is cool because Bjork is not afraid to be ugly & goofy rather than her usual cutesy pert & pretty self. Spike Jonze-directed It's Oh So Quiet was a super-amusing homage to old-time musicals, & though Bjork is definitely not a dancer, the video manages to surround her with a tapdancing aura that is quite pleasing.

The science fiction mini-epic Army of Me & the John 'Ren-&-Stempy' Kricfalusi animation for I Miss You both amuse well.

For others, Bjork's songs are sometimes better than the mediocre videos & there is no "connection" between video content & song content (as with Venus as a Boy in which Bjork fails to cook), or both song & video are mediocre as in a couple of the Michel Gondry videos.

But none of it is completely dull, because even in a minimalist video like Hunter without much of interest really happening, Bjork's elfin face singing ironic love lyrics is often all that is needed for the whole thing to be captivating.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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