Blood Moon

aka, WOLF GIRL. 2001

Director: Thom Fitzgerald

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Blood Moon Once again I forgot that I already watched a film & was ten minutes into the DVD before I remembered this one had originated as a telefilm.

But Blood Moon; aka, Wolf Girl (1991) turned out to be good enough that it was worth sitting through a second time these many years later.

All the performances are perfect for the intent of the film, set in a timeless carnival, with influences from the classic Freaks (1932).

Victoria Sanchez is Wolf Girl & Tim Curry is her adoptive father in the circus. Among numerous side-show characters, some real, is the semi-real Grace Jones as the circus hermaphrodite.

Grace & Tim perform musical diddies in their tent-show which are charming good fun, not quite good tunes, but I did quite like those bits, & can easily imagine the whole film adapted as a musical stage play.

Blood MoonThe main theme would have to be this: "Is Wolf Girl the horrible wolf preying on the town's people, or is she not?"

The secondary theme is about getting a boyfriend who has the hots for a very hairy girl with beard & mustache, but who is in spite of his fetish willing to test his mom's experimental hair removal potion on her since she so badly wants to be a normal girl.

The idea of a wolf girl is pretty sexy but the make-up design really can be off-putting, Sanchez looking as much like the carnival's bearded lady as she does a wolf.

For this reason the box packages have shown a generic werewolf instead of the star, or in one box, a nude girl is shown in the woods who is neither Victoria Sanchez nor a werewolf. But really Sanchez puts in a good snarling performance as one of the sweetest deadly beasts of film.

This main plotline isn't the film's chief charm, but it doesn't drag it down either. ›What I most liked about it besides the campy musical numbers was how the film creates a timeless location. The travelling circus is clearly lost in time & place, in a world neither completely modern not completely historical, hence not a place that could exist, yet somehow worked very nicely.

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