By the Sea
BY THE SEA. 1915

Director: Charlie Chaplin

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Charlie Chaplin is the Little Tramp on the boardwalk in By the Sea; aka, Charlie's Day Out (1915), a twenty-minute short. He starts with excessively standard shtick, tripping himself with his own discarded banana peal.

By the SeaA man in a straw hat (Billy Armstrong) & the Tramp in his bowler both have their hats blown off their heads by the sea wind. They have each tied their hats to their canes with strings, & end up entangled for a comedy wrestling match over their hats.

Charlie flees along the beach but Armstrong pursues, insisting on a fight. Charlie may not want to fight, but when forced to do so, he wins, even if it means getting fleas from his attacker.

With Billy knocked out, our hero sets off on a mission of flirtation with a lovely young woman (Edna Purviance), but the straw-hat man regains consciousness isn't done with him.
While punching & grasping, Armstrong realizes he's attracted to the little guy & says, "Let's be pals!" & tries to give him a kiss, putting Charlie in a bind of slapping Wylie off. They go to an ice cream stand together but have a falling out over who should pay for the cones. They begin poking each other in the faces with their ice cream cones.

The young woman meets up with her fat beau (Bud Jamison) who she seems really to prefer over Charlie, but Charlie keeps trying to court her between bouts of funny fisticuffs with Armstrong. All four characters continue their slapstick antics to an abrupt end. Trivial, moderate fun.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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