Dark Breed

Director: Richard Pepin

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

A space shuttle crashes into the sea under mysterious circumstances. Six astronauts have been "infected" by parasitic aliens which are the titular Dark Breed (1996). Plenty of slim excuses arise for mindless action, shoot-outs, explosions, headlong rushes through panes of breakaway glass, car chases, all of it totally cornball.

Very little of this required the theme to be science fiction. It could all have been delivered to the viewers in any type of action film. The generic tale is acted out by minor actors of wooden countenance, headed up by direct-to-video action goon Jack Scalia.

The only cool thing about the film is how the possessed/evil astronauts all have big American flags emblazoned on the backs of their uniforms. This accidentally makes all their vicious behavior symbolic of America, the flag itself an emblem of invasion.

The one female astronaut has a different kind of parasite, calling itself a "watcher" such as attempts to limit the spread of the "dark breed" & keep them from conquering planets like Earth.

"Make much sense?" Nope.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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