Death Mask


Director: Steve Latshaw

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

A carnival setting should have lent this more colorfulness, but it had no color at all. Wilbur (John Best) sells his soul to an old witch in the swamp in trade for a chunk of wood from a hangin' tree that Wilbur carves into a magic mask to hide his scarred face. When he dons the mask, those who gaze into his eyes commit suicide in shlock horror scenarios.

The witch (Brigitte Hill) was semi-cool, but after watching Death Mask I immediately deleted director Steve Latshaw's earlier horror films from my list of films to see, such as Jack-O (1998). Oh, I suppose I would still kinda like to see Vampire Trailer Park (1991) but if I never do see it I no longer care. Latshaw also wrote the script for the mindbogglingly bad Curse of the Komodo (2004) directed by the lamentably employed Jim Wynorsk, the new millenium's Ed Wood.

Not that I felt that Death Mask ripped me off for my time, because there's a certain charm in people with neither budget nor talent making a film anyway.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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