Deep Shock


Director: Paul Joshua Rubin

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

David Keith, a poor man's Kurt Russell, has some appeal in this, as in most of what he does; no one else in the cast is worth a horse-apple.

The plot line is one of the silliest ever. "Here be dragons" type sea serpents are animated to look like Saturday morning cartoon monsters, unforgiveable given today's state of even such minimal FX. These sea serpents are from outer space, though lacking any space ship & how they flew here is left untold.

These creatures want to melt the North Pole so that all the continents will disappear to make room for the coming invasion of sea serpents from space. The "bad" scientist representing an apparently very evil United Nations wants to kill the advance-guard of this invasion of cartoon sea serpents, but the "good" scientist likes them (why, we are never even slightly informed) & sets out to save them, without concern for the preposterious notion that they are going to turn Earth into Waterworld no longer inhabitable by mankind.

In the end the bad guy is killed in a crappy FX sequence, Keith's character & his reconciled ex-wife "good" scientist girlfriend (Simmone Jade Mackinnon) escape unscathed even through a hail of nuclear bombs that don't put on much of a show, & even the cartoon dragons have been "saved" in order to undertake their destruction of all land masses at a later time, which apparently is a good thing since the hero & heroine seem so happy.

My sister wrote more convincing sci-fi scenarios than this when shew as ten years old.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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