The Demons in My Head

Director: Neil Johnson

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

The Demons in My Head Travis (Matthew Mariconte) has a gay roommate, Regis (Greg Bowman-Miles). Regis flushes the toilet & gets shit sprayed all over himself. That is the whole joke. And it's the level of "humor" one can expect from the horror sci-fi comedy The Demons in My Head (1999), the title having no intentional reference to Regis's experience in the head.

His second roommate is a shallow but attractive woman (Amber Allum). They're all just roommates & nothing more, but lonely Travis daydreams of a relationship with the young woman, as Regis daydreams of having a relationship with Travis. The funniest thing about this comedy love-triangle is that the actor playing Travis comes off as such a faggot that it's not believable he'd be rejecting Regis.

An alien object smashes into the back yard. Travis digs it up, thinking it's a meteor. For some odd reason, he immediately wants to break it open & see what's in it. A couple door-to-door Mormon-type missionaries happen by.

The guy (James Dobbin) stutters basdly which is supposed to be another joke, & the girl (Jane Rowland) is a cultic weirdo devoted to her virginity. No sooner do they encounter Travis than they all immediately become fast friends, as if that'd happen, & they help him break open the object.

Inside is a cheap trinket, a diadem-like communication device from outer space. When Travis wears it, he has occult experiences, & is unknowningly transmitting information about himself & his friends to the planet of the Nephilim. There are a few short bits of computer animation showing the alien planet & space travel. It's pretty rudimentary animation but it's a lot better than the live-action bulk of the film.

The Demons in My HeadThe alien diadem also permits Travis to teleport objects. He's soon attempting to use it for personal gain including money, sex, & revenge against a bully (Damien Peppin).

As he abuses his new powers, he begins to change physically, though it's not much of a change as there was no budget for make-up FX.

A very foolish looking demon manifests with a fake Scottish accent. He bites the tummy of the stuttering missionary until his entrails hang out, then Travis with difficulty finally manages to teleport him back to wherever he came from.

Travis goes dangerously insane under the influence of the space-hat. At one point he accidentally teleports himself to the planet of the Nephilim, where he doesn't see anything & nothing happens before the Wisest Man in the Universe (David Vallon) teleports him right back to Earth.

It turns out that one of the missionaries, unbeknownst to herself, is the Whore of Babylon, a nice one with great powers, & she realizes she is the Queen of the Nephilim.

The Demons in My HeadAs reward for Travis's assistance in helping her find her true nature, she cures Travis's loneliness by turning Regis into a hot busty babe, & it momentarily looks like a happy-ever-after ending.

It appears that the only positive reviews this film ever garnered were over-the-top hype obviously written pseudonymously by the Australian writer-director-producer himself, on publically accessible film-discussion bulletin boards.

The director further alleges his film won an award that doesn't seem otherwise to exist, at a small town film festival that seems never to have happened. It makes sense his style of "advertising" would be as effective as the movie itself.

Filmed in only nine days, the haste shows. I'm writing this review only one day after viewing the film but it engaged me so minimally I'm already having trouble remembering many specifics beyond the notes I jotted down while viewing.

I suppose it deserves a speck of credit for not being exactly like all the other no-budget duds that manage mysteriously to get distribution nowadays. But I think anyone asked to name the dumbest movie of 1998 would be hard pressed to think of a dumber one than The Demons in My Head.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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