Devil's Den

Director: Jeff Burr

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Devil's Den A foolish sexploitation horror film Devil's Den (2006) is the name of a roadside stripper joint in the middle of Nowhere.

The strippers are at first glance hot babes, but when they reveal themselves for what they really are, they're ugly-ass girl-ghouls (essentially in standard zombie make-up) who devour flesh & blood of horny men.

Two goofy guys want to go in business selling a new rave drug that makes women fall for nerdy guys. They just acquired a bunch of this date rape drug south of the border & are on their way home when the spot the unexpected nudie club, where they decide to test the product.

We're taken into an ultra-cheap imitation of Tarantino's From Dawn to Dusk (1996), with a nudie club instead of a Mexican bar, & girl-ghouls instead of vampires.

Added is an Asian girl assassin (Kelly Hu) wearing a duster who wanders onto the scene by accident & joins the mayhem blowing away stripper-ghouls with her armament.

Devil's DenIn the course of the action she is barely saved from turning into a girl-ghoul herself.

Add also a big black dude (Ken Foree) who is ghoul-hunter with samurai sword. Now all the ingredients are in place for mindless mayhem all the way through the rest of the film.

One of the two would-be date-rapist dorks who starts off the story, Nick (Stephen Schub), is summarily bitten & killed.

The remaining dork, Quinn (Devon Sawa), joins with the girl assassin & big black warrior-type dude, for the beginning-to-end bloodfest of girl-killing.

There's humor here & there but probably one has to be a drunken misogynist who actually does require date-rape drugs to find any of it funny.

There are a couple almost-suprises in the film like the arrival of the devil & a Zatoichi joke, but the highlight of the film is the girl-on-girl battle of the Asian assassin vs the queen-bee of the ghouls (Karen Maxwell), then there's a little fillip at the end, then thank god it ends. And it's been about as bad as such crud ever gets.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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