DEVOUR. 2005

Director: David Winkler

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Jensen Ackles turns in a better performance as Jake Cummings in Devour than he did as Lana's boyfriend Jason in the television series Smallville.

The generic look & storyline could almost be set on the Smallville school campus, & the acting, storyline, FX are likewise television all the way, which is to say competent (& competence is certainly unusual enough for B horror nowadays) but nevertheless workmanlike & dull.

The story regards a student who has disturbing visions of violence which after exposure to an on-line video game begin to bleed out of his imagination into the real world.

Everybody meaningful in his life are being killed. The set-up is so cliche one expects that after everyone is dead our hero wakes up in front of the video game & it was all a dream, something we've seen too often in these slick, unimaginative celebrations of bloodshed aimed at game-addicted young-adults. The story instead decides to go "the Devil did it" route with one of the clunkiest Rosemary's Baby takes ever.

The surprise ending is surprising only insofar as it wasn't all a video game or dream after all, but it remained very unsatisfying.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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