Double Vision


Director: Kuo-fu Chen

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Double Vision is a Taiwanese thriller with dialog partially in English & is a western-style film, very accessible I would think even for western viewers not used to Asian cinema.

A Taiwanese police officer (Tony Leung Ka Fa) & an American FBI agent (David Morse of The Green Mile & the shortlived television series Hack) are on the trail of a macabre serial killer who injects fungus into the brains of his victims. He has a darkly mystical Taoist purpose underlying his grotesque murders.

For much of the film's length I found it genuinely mysterious & riveting. But when the resolution to the mtysery begins to unravel, it had no internal consistency & just seemed silly.

When David Morse prematurely leaves the story, the remainder of the film just becomes a messed up jumble of poorly connected events & unconvincing supernaturalism. It concludes with a hammy almost retarded happy ending that seemed tacked-on because the climactic action was so lame.

If there'd been more scenes between the two leads & Morse had remained longer in the film, it might've been more successful. As it stands it's a very mixed bag, more entertaining in the front than in the end.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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