Fear of the Dark


Director: K. C. Bascombe

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

From utterly generic title onward, there is nothing novel here. Of a four-star rating I'd be surprised if many would give it more than one or two stars, though perhaps judged as a Disneyesque horror film safe enough & suitable for tweens, & being not too badly acted, it does have its place, despite a bad story poorly told.

Think of the biggest cliche horror scene where someone is about to go in the basement or attic or dark room even though obviously they shouldn't go there given all the evidence of psychopath or monster or supernatural doom just beyond that door. Well, Fear of the Dark is just that one scene of the dope on the staircase with a lit match asking shakily, "H-who's there?" -- except in this case played for an hour & a half.

Starring Jesse Hucares & Kevin Gnobody, the story, such as it is, runs thus: Ward & June leave Wally & the Beav alone in their no-atmosphere suburban house. Wally & the Beav work themselves into a frenzy of terror even though for the first full hour of the film nothing happens.

Then Wally's girlfriend Penny comes over & sees barking doberman pinchers. At long last lots of lame special effects of the boogyman put the viewer to sleep. Everyone lives happily ever after since it's a Disney wannbe through & through.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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