Frankenstein Reborn


Director: Leigh Slawner posing as Leigh Scott

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

The overall look of this film is cheap, cheap, cheap. Though the preposterous story asserts that the mad scientist has received major huge amounts of grant monies to develop the reanimation process, the set looks like someone's garage with very few props. Most Z-movie scripts have the moderate good sense to assert that such miraculous garage-science actually does take place in the garage without funding, but noooooo, the cleverly named Dr. Victor Franks had lots of money to spend on a massage table, a big aquarium, & a light switch.

These are high times for talentless writers & directors of cheap horror films, as just about anyone can get a film, no matter how incompetently dashed together, onto DVD & into Blockbuster or NetFlix without effort. Because some of the awful direct-to-video & DVD horror films have gone beyond abysmal, I can't say Frankenstein Reborn is the worst of the horrendously bad, but it truly is bad.

Rhett Guiles is the modern day mad scientist whose goal is to reanimate the dead. So he shoots a patient point-blank in the belly then stirs up the guy's guts on an operating table then puts him in an aquarium & flips a light switch which reanimates him. For some reason the reanimation process causes hideous facial disfigurement & rots the teeth of the male victim, but when duplicated on a beautiful girl without visible improvements on the process, she remains a babe.

The process also causes the reanimated murdered patient to grow enormous platform shoes & a ratty-ass set of clothes. Though the monster didn't make any sense, it was a pretty good make-up job for the head. The monster's head is one of the few things about the film that could be praised.

There is a clumsy effort to keep the babe factor jacked up (or jacked off). While shy of outright nudity (so not apt to please the horror-porn hounds), they do throw in a lesbian make-out scene for no plot reason. And we're assured that mad scientists & their babes are all cocaine addicts cuz why not.

New characters, chiefly babes, are introduced from time to time for the sake of additional killings. One or two of the gore gags aren't bad for gore gags, but there is never a second gag as "good" as the opening sequence in which a babe gets both her legs graphically torn off.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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