Director: Pete Walker

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Frightmare (1974) was re-released as Frightmare II in order to ride the coattails of a later & unrelated film also called Frightmare (1982). This has likely led to a few accidental repurchases or at least re-rentals for people who mistook Frightmare II for a sequel.

Frightmare was an edgy over-the-top gore film in its day. Gore films have dared so much more in the decades since that Frightmare now seems tepid, & the theme of cannibalism was probably less oh-my-god-no even in 1974 than the director seems to have imagined.

The script skipped around in odd ways, similar to how 1971's Play Misty For Me viewed in its all-the-best-parts-deleted version when it first made it to television. It was like watching a fill-in-the-blanks puzzle, rather than a complete thriller.

The film does have its moments, & a fine actress as the little old lady psycho cannibal (Shiela Keith) makes it worth watching. But in the final analysis it didn't entertain me much, it felt less than the usual level of trivial.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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