Fury of the Wolfman

Director: Jose Maria Zabalza

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Fury of the Wolfman Set "in a certain area of the earth" (as if Mars had been an option) Fury of the Wolfman (1970, as clearly shown on the print, not 1972 as often cited in filmographies) stars Paul Naschy, who often played a werewolf named Daninsky though the films have no story continuity one to the next.

Professor Waldemar Daninsky is the only survivor of an ill-fated Himalayan adventure, during which a yeti attacked him, leaving a pentagram-shaped scar over his heart. Apparently yetis & werewolves are the same thing.

The usual version of this film encountered in wide circulation is clumsily dubbed with explanatory scenes removed along with semi "adult" content. If you can find a full length version, however, it's still pretty confusing though less herkyjerky in the edit.

Daninsky & his colleague, lady scientist Ilona Elmann (Perla Cristal), develop a method using sound & drugs to regress & progress human evolution, which Daninsky hopes will be useful in treating insanity. He also hopes these new techniques will treat the illness he contracted in Tibet, which is worse during the full moon.

He's able to suppress his werewolf disorder until enraged by the discovery of his wife cheating. While out of control, he takes a big chomp out of his wife's neck, then goes on a rampage.

Fury of the Wolfman Ilona has all along had a much more sinister applications in mind for the new processes she has been developing. Though Daninsky kills himself rather than continue on with his disease, a wolfman can't stay dead, & is easily revived by Ilona using her "chemotrobes." She adds him to her collection of zombies & hippies which she keeps chained in the dungeon of her appropriately named Wolfstein Castle.

She intends to take control of the wolfman's mind for her own irrationally nefarious purposes. She beats him into submission then lets him lose on the village for more rampaging. Like a good doggy he comes home to be chained up anew.

Ilona is so psycho that compared to her the wolfman is a sweety-pie. She is manufacturing mutants in order to cast chaos over the world. It's like one of those goofy old matinee serials wherein an alleged evil "genius" has a totally retarded plan to take over the world.

Mutants are having orgies in the underground lair where horrible experiments & tortures are concocted. Nice-girl Karen (Veronica Lujan), Daninsky's student, sets him free, despite how dangerous he has become. He is nearly invulnerable, & can only be killed by the hand of a woman who loves him, which'd be Karen.

Meanwhile Erika (Pilar Zorrilla) the faithless wife is removed from her tomb to be resurrected as a wolfwoman, which can be done because she was bitten by the wolfman & she, too, can no longer stay dead.

Wolfman & wolfwoman meet each other in an absurdly choreographed battle, still not getting along as husband & wife I guess, threatening one another with plastic Halloween fangs, as the insane lady doctor looks on close enough to get her come-uppance for all the crap she's been throwing in the wind.

Fury of the Wolfman This is one of the all-time worst werewolf films in existence, but so "busy" with ridiculous content that it can be great fun for Bad Movie Night with a couple bad-movie fans to watch it with. Not so much fun to watch if lacking anyone with whom to share snide remarks.

The background on how it got so bad is kind of interesting. Nachy was a true werewolf fan who wanted to create a beautiful angst-ridden saga through a number of films. How could good intentions go so wrong?

Well, for this one he hired an alcoholic who was so drunk the whole time that his fourteen year old son had to take over part of the time, the kid even rewrote dialogue. So there's more reason than usual in bad movies for the dialogue being so childishly adolescent.

Since Naschy wasn't in control, he wouldn't know until much later that recycled footage would be inserted into the film from an earlier Daninsky adventure, & some scenes would be filmed in his abence with another actor playing the werewolf.

Add to the total fiasco of the script & the additionial confusion caused by bad translation, worse dub, & a multitude of edits of two versions (one version having a lot of nudity), & it's surprising any sense can be made of it at all.

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copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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