aka JAILBUDS. 2000

Director: Joel Hershman

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Greenfingers was inspired by a true story, but of course there's nothing of the historical case that made it to the film.

As a gardener myself, & also being fond of Helen Mirren who plays the gardening maven who helps out the gardening prisoners, I really expected to like this movie. But the characters did not behave in any realistic manner, there was zero depth to anyone playing a murderer or felon finding salvation in gardening, the prisoners were vapid one-note teddy bears.

The fairy tale element of the rich girl (Natasha Little) falling for the morbid murderer (Clive Owens) only made sense on the level of deviant love or rebellion against a hated mother (Merrin), but no, that wasn't it, love happened cuz its a movie, no other cause.

The whole was so saccarine it made Disney seem caustic & vile. It was crammed with scenes that made absolutely no sense, like the ending where happy & beloved murderers & felons are sent off by themselves without instruction of any kind for a visit with Her Majesty the Queen -- if that's possible, then why didn't we get to see them take the queen to a pub.

It was all like a cartoon for the least discerning of the Hallmark Card crowd. And Clive Owens, who has done better n other filmes, conveys an acting range that rests somewhere between a rock & a dull spoon.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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