Ice Queen


Director: Neil Kinsella

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Ice Queen is a substandard horror cheapy, not quite totally unsatisfactory despite bad acting & a pretty cheezy monster. The FX sequence for the avalanche was surprisingly well done considering how cheap the rest of the film was.

The Ice Queen herself is never a very convincing creature. She is a dancer's bod tricked out in prosthetics & make up so she has something of a Wicked Witch of the West look & bad teeth & the ability to growl like a man standing in an echo chamber & having long rubber fingernails that can punch into the belly of her victims to freeze them from in the inside out though they always become limp rather than frozen solid.

The Ice Queen was kept in some sort of unexplained statis & was being shipped to we don't know where when the airplane crashes in the mountains & starts the avalanche & unleashes the monstrous female.

Frozen ImpactSome pseudo-scientific horsehocky is spread around a bit to "explain" her existence, but it's laughable stuff about her having been found frozen (though she's supposed to be unfreezable & only dormant at higher temperatures) for thousands of years & though she has the exact size & shape of a human female she's purportedly & preposterously some kind of prehistoric insect that only coincidentally looks humanoid. This stupidness could've been left out of the script to its betterment, though nothing could've made it even good-of-kind let alone actually any good.

It boils down to stalk-&-kill film set in a ski resort that has just been smashed up by the avalanche. There's nothing particularly startling about any of it & in the end she turns out to be ridiculously easy to kill once the required minutes of film time are about over.

Director Kinsella also made the awful disaster thriller Frozen Impact starring Stacey Keach, about a plane crash in a "scary" ice storm. From these two films one has to suppose the director is personally afraid of airplanes crashing in the snow or ice. Without sharing that peculiar phobia it just won't have much effect.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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