Innocent Blood
aka, BLOODY MARIE.1992
Director: John Landis

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Innocent Blood Bad news is Innocent Blood (1992) didn't need to be quite so extremely a spoof; it has a good enough cast & story that it could've worked (& wouldn've worked better) taking itself a little more seriously.

That aside, it's otherwise mostly Good News because there was a real romantic quality between the two leads.

A bewildered cop (Anthony LaPaglia) together with a very pretty totally femme but superstrong "good" French vampire chick (Anne Parillaud) fighting crime & vampiric evil -- they played off each other well.

His machismo & her sweet girlishness were turned inside out, in his moments of ineptitude or insufficient physical strength, & her extreme strength & cleverness.

Innocent BloodThe sweet girl vampire has orchestrated her life so as to never harm anyone who doesn't rather deserve to be killed & sucked dry.

But she soon realizes she must undo the harm she has done by failing to finish a certain kill, having brought a gangster vampire into the world (ably played with scenery-chewing greatness by Robert Logia).

It's also fun to watch for the cameos. My old buddy Forest "Famous Monsters of Filmland" Ackerman gets his car stolen in one unimportant scene. There are several just like it -- anytime a new face appears & then is gone quickly, stop the disc & try to figure out who it is!

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