Jungle Princess


Director: Wilhelm Thiel


Director: George Archainbaud

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Jungle Princess stars Dorothy Lamour as Ula the Jungle Girl with a pet tiger & the sarong that was to become her trademark garment; & she gets to sing "Moonlight & Shadows."

Her Jungle LoveA jungle explorer (Ray Milland) falls in love with the Malaysian jungle girl & decides to stay with her -- an almost unique outcome since the hero of such tales almost always leaves his lost paradise whether with or without his jungle maiden in tow.

A Technicolor follow-up to Jungle Princess retained many of the same ingredients, & was marketed as a sequel of sorts. Dorothy Lamour is once again in her trademark sarong, playing Tura the South Seas Island Babe.

Her Jungle Love includes the usual volcano-cult routine that would seem to be the decayed religion of an otherwise vanished society of the Malay interior. The leading man is once again Ray Milland. This time he is aviator Bob Mitchel who crash lands on the tropical island where he & his mechanic Jimmy (Lynne Overman) have nifty adventures.

Bob teaches Tura how to kiss while Jimmy copes with Gaga the chimp & Meewa the tiger cub. The villainous witchdoctor (J. Carrol Nash) hypnotizes Tura inducing her to assist him with human sacrifices. But just before Bob, Jimmy & Tura meet untimely ends, a volcano eruption saves the day & our dynamic trio flee to safety. An entire ancient culture eradicated passes for a happy ending.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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