Just Like a Woman

Director: Christopher Monger

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Just Like A Woman (1992) is about a simpering transvestite-by-night business-dirtwad-by-day (Adrian Pasdar) who gets divorced by his wife then begins flirting with his older landlady (Julie Walters) at his new digs, while sneaking in & out of his apartment late at night in drag.

After screwing the landlady, who is just way too good for him, he tells her he's a transvestite then has a hissy-fit when she laughs. She's been lonseome, though, so not being outright horrified by his deviance, & perhaps a borderline perv herself, she panders to his fetish for cross-dressing, & ends up with a transvestite lover.

If he weren't so damnably ugly it might've been kind of sexy, but nobody could be less appealing both for looks & personality. The character is not interesting enough nor pleasant enough to care who he screws, let alone whether he succeeds as a business-dirtwad or not.

Adrian Pasdar is an unappealing second-string television actor incapable of carrying a film as its "star" no matter what it's about. Julie Walters on the other hand makes a lot more of her role than is in the script because she's a fine actor, though even she can't make it believable that this beautiful old gal could be interested in such a bland putz as Gerald/Geraldine.

The message here seems to be that transvestites can be otherwise normal. Normal is defined as a hetero go-getter businessman. But what I got out of it was that being a crossdresser can't make a boring man more interesting.

The other plot thread is about crooked business dealings with the Japanese that Gerald wanted to pursue in honesty for everyone's mutual profit margin, but his boss just wants to rip off some slanty-eyed people. So "Geraldine" shows up at an important business meeting to save the Japanese from being robbed by a racist business shit. Gawd, who fucking cares.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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