Left in Darkness
Director: Steven R. Monroe

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

In her childhood, vapidly beautiful Celia (Monica Keena) was saved from being struck by a car near the cemetery, by the ghost of a young boy who afterward appears to have become her guardian angel. Now that she's a college girl, she & her girlfriend head out to a frat party for a big, loud, boozy good time, amidst peers who provide wall to wall vapidity.

Left in DarknessIn one room instead of necking some of the party-goers are playing with an Oujia board which sends a spirit message to Celia to go home, but she sticks around anyhow. Apparently still in her right mind, she goes into a quiet wine cellar where the sound of the party instantly vanishes when the door is shut, with a young man she doesn't know. He drugs her then gets all his buddies together to gang-rape her unconscious body then murder her for good measure.

How they got her body unnoticed from the basement to the bathroom we're not shown; perhaps they pretended she was a drunk rather than a corpse. Why nobody in the crowded party needed to go to the bathroom where they'd notice her body right away never comes up, but apparently there's no risk of anyone needing to take a dump or a piss in the logical place.

The rest of the film is about her soul wandering about in & out of the house hoping she can manage to come back to life, assisted by a man (David Anders) who claims to be her guardian angel but grown up, & whose agenda is obviously not all that guardianistic.

The acting is only half bad, but the terrible script sabotages everyone's best efforts. The sloppy, confusing, & poorly written script takes Celia on a tedious adventure with a few supernatural incidents in her attempt to save her girlfriend (Tarah Paige) from a fate worse than death plus death; figure out if her guardian angel is evil or good; save the soul of her demonified grampa (Tim Thomerson); communicate through the ouija board to get someone to find her body & call an ambulance since nobody's ever going to need to pee; & meet for the first time the mother she never knew who died giving birth to Celia.

Her spirit also experiences such afterlife incidents as falling down & twisting her ankle. How ghostly is that? When a voice warns her to return to the frat house because "it's your only chance," I immediately thought the little voice should've warned her to return to Central Casting & beg for a better film to be in.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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