Lethal Dose


Director: Simon De Selva

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

The set-up for Lethal Dose adds up to nothing, & the cool image used for the advertisement does not accurately reflect the cheezier version in the film.

An animal rights group's assault on a laboratory goes awry & one of them gets caught. A couple years later, they receive encrypted messages on their computers, & it may be their lost member calling them back together in an underground laboratory.

It has a slightly different than average set-up in that the young cast gathers in a sub-basement laboratory rather than a cabin by a lake, but in essence they're just picked off one by one by the evil presence, & the explanation for who is doing it & how is hardly worth the effort.

If a viewer is not impressed by unimpressive gore-gags & loud pounding on metal doors, then there won't be much here to entertain.

Everything that happens in the film is random & it gets very frustrating trying to put the clues together for what it all means when really all it means is the characters get picked off one by one & that's the whole point.

I doubt the survivors will be called upon to appear in any sequel to this one.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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