Love the Hard Way


Director: Peter Sehr

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Opposites attract in this self-consciously hip anti-romantic love story starring Adrien Brody as a thief, & Charlotte Ayanna as a virtuous college girl.

There are some bad editing decisions that make the story shift & jar, with bridging scenes seemingly missing. The viewer has to work to make sense of things, but not everything in the story can be made sensible.

For instance, Brodie & his partner in crime (Jon Seda), when they dress up as cops to run scams, could barely pass as Burns guards, let alone cops, so it wasn't credible they'd not get caught the first time out.

The acting is good, & the romance between Brodie & Ayanna convincing enough, & everyone's in great form acting out the so-so script.

I enjoyed the characters more than the story, and can understand why some would rate it highly & some rate the film as complete crap, as it depends on if you're judging by the actors (great) or the script (mediocre) or the editing (lousy).

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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