The Man with Two Lives

Director: Phil Rosen

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

In a laboratory arrayed with sparkly electric thingamabobs, a dog's heart is kept alive in a belljar. A scientist has developed a system of restoring life to dead tissue. He thinks it may even work on bringing an entire dead body back to life. He is warned against contravening God's decisions, but if he took such advice as that, the movie would be over.

Meanwhile a serial killer is to go to the electric chair at midnight. The scientist had visited the killer hoping to convince him to donate his body to science, but alas, the evil fellow for some curious reason had no interest in anything alleged to benefit mankind.

That same evening, Philip (Edward Norris) gets killed in a car crash & suddenly Dr. Clark (Edward Keane) is being pressured to resurrect the young man. He prepares the body in his laboratory, & uses the electrical procedure coincidentally at the same moment the serial killer has the switch thrown for the chair.

Due to transmigration of the soul, when Philip is brought back to life, he ends up with the killer's soul. Though amnesiac, he's clearly someone else now, & slips away to the haunts of the executed gangster, finding the moll Helen (Marlo Dwyer) to whom he'd been engaged.

He horns in on & takes over his old Panino gang, going by instinct rather than memory. After a city-wide crime spree, a trick ending is provided as a cheating, annoying anti-climax, ruining the tale.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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