My Left Eye Sees Ghosts


Director: Johnny To

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

My Left Eye Sees GhostsSammi Cheng said this was her first horror film, but her definition of horror would have to be "supernatural romance." It's a great film, occasionally eerie, more often endearing, but not horrific.

My Left Eye Sees Ghosts brings to mind Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze in Ghost, which I liked, but My Left Eye Sees Ghosts is better, partly because Sammi Cheng is a better & sexier performer than Demi Moore by a long shot, but also because My Left Eye doesn't descend as deeply into sentimental twaddle & has a much better story to tell.

A brilliant script inspired several fine performances, with the two leads standing out. Lan Ching Wen as the primary ghost is a combination of hip & nurdy, & above all loveable in his desire to be a super-hero spook saving the living from the soul-snatchers. Sammi Cheng creates a complex character, a widow grieving deeply for a husband to whom she was married for only one week, but pretending to the world Ýto be a heartless golddigger who only wanted the man's money anyway.

My Left Eye Sees GhostsSurviving a suicidal "accident," Sammi discovers she can see ghosts with her left eye. Some of them want her help, others want to cause harm, & one of them is a young man who claims to have died performing a really nifty practical joke, & was a school chum of the widow.

It's her relationship with Wen's wannabe superhero-ghost that gives her a reason to continue in life, but having a best friend nobody else can see doesn't make her exactly outgoing, & she remains a strange figure at the fringe of her husband's family & Hong Kong society. The continuing tragedy for her is that of all the ghosts she encounters, her husband Danny is never one of them, & she worries he, like everyone else, believes she married him for his money, thinks she does not grieve for him, & so will not appear to her.

To say more gives away too much of a good plot, but this film manages to be lighthearted without being trivial. Director Johnny To has made several excellent films, but nothing like this that I've seen. He's generally a Hong Kong action director, but this is a ghostly tale of human loss & the rediscovery of life. It's sometimes laugh out loud funny, but never so that the characters become cartoons instead of easy to care about.

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