Night of the Blood Beast

Director: Bernard L. Kowalski

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Laughable rocketship cartoon animation of space travel launches Night of the Blood Beast (1958), an even-worse-than-expected Roger Corman producton written by Gene Corman.

Night of the Blood BeastThe ship crashlands & the American astronaut is killed but does not go into rigor mortis or show any sign of decay.

Luckily the rocket just happened to crash near an outpost for the space program, where they have a hut & a run-down truck, somewhere not too distant from Cape Canaveral in "the mountains of Florida" wherever those are.

Something rode back to Earth on that ship, something requiring minimal special FX since at first it looks like a piece of soiled astroturf.

There's a new kind of life called (would I kid you) "alien anamorphic cell structures" in the astronaut's bloodstream. It turns out he is in a state of suspended animation.

When he unexpectedly recovers, he feels a kinship with the alien that is abroad, & tries to convince everyone it means no harm despite that its first attempt to communicate required it to kill one of the physicians, hang him up by his heels, & bite off his head.

A fluoroscope reveals lots of baby aliens in the astronaut's chest & stomach. They look a bit like those old ads for dancing sea monkeys but not as well drawn.

Meanwhile the astroturf alien has rapidly developed into a rubber suit about the right size to be worn by some failed actor like, oh, Ross Sturlin. The astronaut joins it near the cave & tries to convince everyone it's an a-okay fellow.

Not knowing when to keep its mouth shut, if that is a mouth, the monster itself reveals that his species wants to use our species as enslaved incubators for their young.

The monster gives an annoyingly self-righteous lecture about the inferiority of humans, who answer him by setting him on fire. The end! Or is it?

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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