Director: Dante Tomaselli

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

A nun is accidentally killed by a teenage boy's radio controlled airplane in a totally unconvincing probably-for-laughs gore sequence, as the actress in the nun habbit holds the airplane to the side of her face & screams.

DesecrationWith mediocre cinematography & terrible acting, it takes a while for any of this sort of thing to become interesting. But if you are, like me, the sort of dunce to watch Z horror fiascos, it's hard to be disappointed, & it's up to the viewer to find something interesting in such films as these.

When the grandmother Matilda (Irma St. Paule) exclaims in horror, "Bobby? He killed a nun?" it won my first giggle, though I'm not sure even now Desecration (1999) is intentionally funny or only funny by default.

Occasionally, with lines like, "A nun is a bride of God. Enjoy it!" it seems comical on purpose. But most of the time it just seems inept.

Some lame FX introduce a ghost-nun with an apparently evil propensity. Bobby (Danny Lopes), whose mom died when he was an infant, regards himself as cursed. His friend Sean, while they're out jogging, inexplicably vanishes into a crack in the ground, an interesting development but one which is not at all followed up, so it's just a random effect of Bobby's curse.

Mysterious or insane events mount up, none of them making sense beyond the fact that everything centers around Bobby, who seems outwardly innocent of causation, though some connection to the malevolent ghost-nun seems likely.

DesecrationWe get the attack of the killer scissors as one of the almost-cool gross-outs, & other methods of having silly nuns being picked off one by one.

It begins to seem as though demonic clowns & resurged zombie nuns & possessed priests are colluding to terrorize & victimize Bobby, but really it's anyone's guess what the hockeypuck is going on & why.

Avant garde & surreal intent might explain the chaotic irrationality, the expression of strange events just for the sake of strangeness, & not to tell a cohesive story. By the time Bobby is assaulted by bleeding, festering dead nuns, you're either going along with the foolery because the dvd remote's battery went dead, or you're enjoying it for the sake of its amazing badness.

Granny Matilda seems to know the secret of how any of it makes sense. She knows the origin of the curse, brought about by Bobby's mother (Christie Sanford) having died insane. And when Bobby disappears, Mathilda knows that Mary, Bobby's mother, took him. It's up to granny to save the lad from his descent into mommy's mad world where traumatizing her offspring is the demonic ghost-mommy's purpose.

It comes off as a script a twelve year old boy might've written to work out some issues about an abusive mother, additional bad times at the parochial school, & a fantasy that his granny was the only nice person in his actual childhood could've helped.

By the time we reach the climactic horrors where childhood objects rather than nuns are frought with danger, it's coming close to conveying childhood trauma quite well, but that posited twelve year old author just wasn't sophisticated enough as a writer to make the story worthwhile.

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