Paranoia 1.0

aka ONE POINT O. 2004

Directors: Jeff Renfroe
& Marteinn Thorsson

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Beautiful & claustrophobic set designs render just about every scene visually interesting. A gorgeous soundtrack sustains an artful macabre mood. The approach to lighting mixes film noir with David Lynch. The story possesses a worrisome attitude about the pending fate of humanity straight out of Philip K. Dick.

Paranoia 1.0 aka One Point O was released on DVD with two packagings, two titles, one hopes not merley to trick folks into renting it twice expecting two different movies. Not that it wouldn't be worth viewing a second time.

There were moments in that reminded me of the animator Jan Svenkmeyer, but with the dark slickness of a Marylin Manson music video. The story is right out of Franz Kafka but updated for our computer age, an all-too-credible projection into the (near?) future when the world appears to be run by a business conglomerate, & spam can be delivered straight to our brains.

Humanity is slowly going extinct from infertility, & the buying dollars of the remaining population are increasingly important to corporate profits. Adam the android-head knows bad changes are coming, but is so frightened he cannot communicate in helpless terrors clearly to the human beings around him.

The corporate rulers from The Farm are willing to do anything to our minds to get us to hurry to the store, & too darned bad if there are so many bugs in the system that keeps reprograming our minds.

As surrealism, as science fiction, or as horror, this film treads difficult ground & may be too artsyfartsy for the horror fan looking for gory pleasures that do not engage the mind. But horror & s-f fans who are weary of the same old predictable fare will be delighted by this unusual film.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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