Prehistoric Women
Director: Michael Carreras

Director: Gregg C. Tallas

Director: James L. Wolcott

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Prehistoric Women (1966) has also been known as Slave Women. An African safari led by Michael Latimer discovers a hidden land of prehistoric women among whom men are regarded as inferior.

The noble blonde tribe is led by Edina Ronay, a model who appeared in a couple Avengers episodes before giving up the delusion she could act to become a fashion designer instead.

The "good" blonde tribe is oppressed by the evil brunette tribe led by Queen Kari (Martine Beswick, who starred in the awful Doctor Jekyl & Sister Hyde & was seen in Thunderball & One Million Years B.C.). Prehistoric Women itself was filmed on a set recycled from One Million Years B.C.

There is no excuse for this film unless we assume being captured by warlike Amazon babes constitutes the writer-director-producer Michael Carreras's's personal sexual fantasy, in which case it makes a little sense.

Prehistoric WomenAn earlier Prehistoric Women aka The Virgin Goddess (1950) is just as bad but with a higher camp value, shot in Florida theme park attractions of the day, which look like they might've been nice places to picnic.

It would probably qualify as sexploitation in 1950, but nowadays most parents would regard it as so innocuous as to be safely watched by kids. The manic dancing of bathing beauties pretending to be jungle girls might be marginally risque for an unusually innocent eleven year old boy who'd only recently discovered his pecker.

Set in prehistoric times, English has not yet been invented, so a marvelously inept narrator explains everything that is being said & done throughout the film, since otherwise nothing would make any sense on the basis of what is being viewed.

The docudrama format is more docu than drama, & when the scary nine foot giant Gwandi is just a six foot guy in a furry rug, you just know there's never going to be anything suspenseful happening.

The plot regards that time in prehistory when tribes of nubile young white women (Laurette Luez, Joan Shawlee & others0 had wars with tribes of unwashed white men (Allan Nixon, John Frederick & others). The happy ending will be when a new tribe is founded with men & women together.

Prehistoric WomenWild Women of Wongo is a goofy film that looks more like something filmed not in 1958 but in the 1930s as a chapter in the chintziest of matinee serials. The primitivist story is far too juvenile to convince even for a few minutes. Its mild titilation intent fails miserably though the babe-alicious girl on girl wrestling sequence would likely delight anyone with the specific fetish, & the Epileptic Dance of the Wobbly Boobs is the highlight of the feature.

Frequently incompetent films have narrators to explain what's going on since pictorial narration is beyond the would-be storytellers' skills. In this case the narrator is Mother Nature herself, which is a novel touch. As she explains, the primitive females of Wongo are gorgeous babes but the male of the species are ugly & grotesque. Living nearby are some buff good looking dudes whose wives are butt-ugly.

In the limited worldview of the poor tale told, ugly people should only mate with uglies, & pretties with pretties, so the bulk of the plot, if it qualifies as a plot, is how the initial error or experiment of Mother Nature & Father Time is corrected.

Along the way, the primitive folks get menaced by baby alligators & slightly larger rubber alligators fobbed off as dragons & wander about in a 1950s tourist attraction theme park likely replaced by tracts of retirement homes by now.
copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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