Real Fiction


Director: Ki-duk Kim

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Anyone ass enough to advertise themselves as "the bad boy of Korean cinema" has got to be awfully good to overcome the childishly inept promotion. Unfortunately, Real Fiction is visually amateur with the worst possible cinematography, & a story to match.

It's not badly acted, but what's being acted out is just so lame. A trod-upon park portrait artist never responds to physical abuse & theft, but it only takes one easy lesson to learn to be a psychotic killer & begin avenging himself not just against anyone who authentically abused him, but pretty much anyone. I never believed in the character, & found nothing in the film interesting to watch.

The film's "excuse" for being so amateurish is that it was shot without retakes in three & a half hours. This seemed a bit like selling tickets for some nose-pickin' kid's piano concert, & it being advertised as just so hip & cool that the kid has never actually played the piano before.

In the future I recommend Ki-duk Kim advertise himself as "the bad director of Korean cinema," & then if viewers discover his later films aren't as bad as Real Fiction, they can be pleasantly surprised after having expected much worse.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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