Ripper 2


Director: Jonas Quastel & Lloyd A. Simandl

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

This is the boring tale of a woman (Erin Karpluk) who may or may not be descended from Jack the Ripper & a mad doctor (Richard Bremmer) who puts her into a virtual reality world. It's not a totally bad idea for a stupid film, but absolutely nothing entertaining happens.

My sweety's forgiveness of my periodic bad taste in films is endearing. If some slasher movie is playing & I say, "I can watch this later if you're hating it," I usually get back at me: "This is fine, I'm enjoying it."

But this time a wee voice at my side asked, "Are you sure you want to watch this?" I replied, "Yeah, but you don't have to," & we switched to something bad but much better than Ripper 2. Later I struggled onward to the end, & was never rewarded for my patience. Even my fondness for rubbish was defeated by this stinker.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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