Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein


Director: Brian O'Hara

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

This goofy horror comedy didn't bore me at all. Music agent Bernie Stein (Barry Feterman) is tired of the bands he represents breaking their contract with him as soon as they start to make it big, so he strongarms his whiz-kid nephew Frankie (Jayson Spence) to use his scientific genius to construct the perfect rock star out of various parts of dead rockers -- Elvis's head, Jimi Hendrix's hands, & so on, with a special request for Jim Morrison's pecker.

Bumbling thieves break into a wealthy pecker-collector's house to get Morrison's pecker, but accidentally destroy it, so without telling Bernie or Frankie, they deliver Liberace's pecker instead. So the resulting Monster, named King (Graig Guggenheim), has Elvis's little-girl lovin' brain, but Liberace's little-boy lovin' weaner, causing the poor guy considerable conflict.

It's a great central idea for camp comedy, so too bad it's such a cheap film badly written. As the fudge-packer jokes mount up, it becomes increasingly obvious that quality comedy writers were never asked to repair the juvenile script.

Nevertheless, you gotta see it. The songs King sings are funny & not too egregiously bad & the whole thing is sufficiently nutty to be genuinely entertaining. It'd be even more fun viewed with a couple smart-ass friends who think they're Tom Servo & Crow T. Robot.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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