Silent Rage


Director: Michael Miller

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Chuck Norris was already creating a Walker Texas Ranger type character a couple decades before the series, & the type suffices.

Silent Rage is a very simple B-film that mixes karate-film sequences with a Slasher Horror Film Super-villain with Frankenstein overtones.

Thanks to a reanimation experiment on the corpse of a psychopath Sheriff Chuck had gunned down, the psychopath (Brian Libby) springs back to life & now he could have every bone in his back broken with roundhouse kicks & he'd still instantly heal to jump up & fight again.

i really liked this film, which has a timeless quality like a good western. Perhaps it was stupid idea for a film but it somehow works, whether or not it is saying much to notice Chuck has never done anything that was better.

At the end, the unkillably immortal psycho is sealed in a well. It's the sort of ending one assumes was written so that a franchise could be spun out, but no Silent Rage II was ever forthcoming. That's no great loss, but I have to admit, I would've watched it.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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