Sisters of Death

Director: Joseph A. Mazzuco

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Sisters of Death I wouldn't recommend Sisters of Death even to fans of bad 70s cinema. It opens promisingly enough if lowgrade exploitation is the requirement, but it never pays off. Even the lowest expectation of something either titillating or tasteless is missing, & there's certainly nothing here of higher purpose.

We are introduced to a sorority house that likens itself a Secret Society, initiating two new busty members by means of a game of Russian Roulette. Whether by accident, suicide, or murder, one of the girls finishes the initiation safely, the other gets shot in the head, though the whole thing was supposed to be faked.

There is nothing about a secret society thereafter, & the opening image of a hooded sisterhood, having been only a game gone awry, leads to no follow-up about anything in particular. These are regular sorority girls, a bit bent out of shape because they all witnessed the violent death of a pledge, but of further sisterhood antics there are none.

Seven years later the five sorority girls, together with a couple of their boyfriends, end up guests at a mansion where they'll be stalked by the dead girl's loopy griefstricken father.

The simpleminded "murder mystery" element is ridiculous, with "twists" provided by having multiple characters coincidentally psycho, so it doesn't work as a tale of crime. And as a tale of violence & mayhem there is almost nothing of interest occurring on-screen, so it falls far short of grand guinol.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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