Skinned Deep


Director: Gabriel Bartalos

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

How bad can a film get? Skinned Deep is the answer. This is a mindless gorefest & anyone who finds the promise of a mindless gorefest exciting just might get something out of it. It is otherwise stupid beyond belief.

I had expected if nothing else to like Warwick Davis (of Leprechaun fame) as my general rule is "any film with a dwarf in it at least has a dwarf in it" & I am ready to watch it. But this has got to be Warwick's shallowest background role to date & a supreme insult to his limited but nevertheless very real talents.

There's a character called Brain who has the worst make-up job for a monster I've seen in years. His enormous exposed brain looks like some kind of clown's gag bought at a costume shop, badly pasted on around his head & face.

The first-time & one can only pray last-time writer-director Gabe Bartalos previously was one of many on the extensive make-up crew for some of the amusing monster designs in Basketcase 3, & seems to have been dredging up everything he learned on that job to come up with Brain, the moonhead-boy in Basketcase 3 coming most to mind. Unfortunately everything he learned was nothing to write home about cuz Brain isn't even good enough to be funny.

There's a grand total of one, count 'em one interesting monster costume, that being the fellow with a bear trap for a mouth, but all he does is hop around cutting people up for no reason until its time for him to die, when slowly running over him with a little motorcycle is suddenly all it takes to rip him limb from limb.

All kinds of excuses are trumped up for sub-par gore FX, but story-context was not one of the excuses. There are a few mysterious hints here & there about "the creator" of the monstrous family, but when he is revealed in the last scene, he's absolutely no one of any consequence of interest, no method of creation is revealed, there are absolutely no suprises & not one iota of internal logic to anything we're shown.

Such films rather imply it takes no talent of any kind to make a movie, giving hope to nose-pickin' dweebs with an unfulfillable desire for a filmmaking career, getting all excited cuz even they could do as good as this.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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