Swordswomen Three

Director: Shen Chiang
(San Kong)

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Swordswomen Three Some of the swordplay choreography of Swordswomen Three (Jiang hu san nu xia, 1970) is excellently done with only a bit of foolish flying.

The only complaint is that there should've been a bit more dueling action for the women, & a bit less of them standing around & talking.

The overly simple story regards a magic sword, emblem of the martial school of the three swordswomen's father.

This sword has extraordinary magnetic properties that can disarm oponents by pulling their weapons right out of the sheaths.

Swordswomen ThreeThe sisters are in charge of garding the school's treasure. But partly due to one of the women being successfully romanced by the main villain Chu Tien-hsiang (Lo Lieh), the sword is stolen.

Tien-hsiang's intent is to use the sword to defeat all rival martial schools, establishing his own as Number One.

He promises to return it when he has succeeded, but only a fool would believe him. So it's up to the sisters to reclaim the weapon for their school, no matter the risk.

The three Han swordswomen are played by Shen Yi as Han yu Mei the elder sister; Essie Lin Chia as Han Lan Mei the middle sister; & Pan Yin-tze aka Violet Pan Yingzi as Han Hsiao Lan the youngest sister. They are gorgeous when in pose or motion.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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