Director: Chuck Bowman

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Alien moth-like parasites from outer space turn humans into bad creature-people in the stupido made-for-cable sci-fi would-be thriller Threshold (2003), with a cast headed up by dark-eyed X-Files villain Nicholas Lea, plus a host of who even cares. It begins with an infected astronaut who develops pupae on his fingertips, & the alien invaders very quickly adapt to Earth conditions so well they could conquer the planet.

People are soon being possessed by moths. These aliens can still pass for human because they have their host's memories to work with in posing as normal. But if there's trouble, two extra arms spring out from their rib cages to hack up enemies. When not extended, the presence of these extra appendages can be disguised with a couple short pieces of duct tape, so add that to your master list of why duct tape is so useful.

Only people with the right blood type (B negative) are transformed into moth-people. People with every other blood type get a penis-like moth proboscis rammed down their throat & their insides eaten out. In twenty-four hours, several nations will unleash atomic bombs on the small Maryland town lest the alien parasites take over the world.

The moth-people are rallying around a big globby balloon with a lightbulb & a person in it, representing the final stage of a poorly conveyed extraterrestrial life-cycle reminiscent of the pod-people crossed with termites or honey bees but not moths. If this social hive is not found & blasted into kingdom come before the colony matures & begins to swarm, then humanity is doomed, doomed I say, doomed.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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