Tick Tock


Director: Kevin Tenney

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

A film about two crime-minded women & their sundry betrayals, it was advertised as an erotic thriller, but it's as close to sexless as modern thrillers ever get, so not apt to excite anyone hoping for a woody or a widey.

Although pretty bad, I don't want to rag on this film too much because i wasn't bored by it, & I didn't feel I totally wasted my time. It begins as an engaging enough thriller, the wicked women never quite achieving femme fatale status since they're such amazing dumbasses at crime.

By the time the girls' Evil Plot is falling all apart, it has gone from mediocre thriller with no characters worth relating to, to a comedy of errors that no longer has any suspense remaining, yet isn't over-the-top enough to actually be funny.

It reminded me of Blood Simple but only if the Cohen brothers had been untalented, or Thelma & Louise, but only if those two hadn't actually liked each other.

The ending made no sense; I wanted to yell, "break the corpse's wrist, you dumb broad, & you're home free." Viewers deserve more action films with women characters as antilheros, but not films as bumbling & badly written as this one.
copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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