The Necromancer vs the Werewolf
Director: Dennis Isecreme

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Werewolf of DetroitWerewolf of Detroit (2007) is a micromovie inspired, however minimally in this case, by H. P. Lovecraft, naming its protagonist after a well-known figure from Lovecraft's horror stories.

Animated with pre-packaged "you too can be an animator" software called "the movie game," such films are the equivalent of paint-by-number oil paintings.

Movie-game apparently doesn't come with decent dubbing & dialogue possibilities as the talentless dweebs using this program have a tendency to add all sounds except dialogue, which occur as subtitles.

Randolph Carter & his girlfriend Sabrina Marsh (What! Carter's straight??) are kissing in the woods. Out comes a wolfheaded man in bluejeans. The "action" animation is so klutzy you can't tell what happened, but the outcome is Randolph's knocked unconscious & Sabrina is killed.

Carter sets out that night with revenge in mind, & shoots the werewolf. It was extremely easily done, no big deal at all. Ah, but Randolph must've been bitten or scratched, because he's now a werewolf.

The Necromancer vs the WerewolfThere's a four-minute sequel, in which Randolph has become a woodland hermit do to his curse.

In The Necromancer vs. the Werewolf (2007), a misguided young woman does a conjuration of "the Necromancer."

Zombies are climbing out of a grave, one of whom is the Necromancer, who dresses more dapper than the other zombies which are more like mummies. They attack a couple necking in the woods.

It's Randolph Carter to the rescue, turning into a werewolf to beat the shit out of the mummy-zombies, a couple of which are shapely maiden mummies.

The werewolf chastises the woman who conjured the Necromancer, but she is convinced she can make him her slave. She can't, & it's up to Randolph to defeat the creature she summoned.

The Necromancer LivesThe story continues more or less, without Randolph, in another sequel The Necromancer Lives (2007). Necromancer rises from his coffin, flanked by mummies.

Twin sisters who are incestuous lesbians are attacked by the Necromancer. If they are not identical twins, then the limitations of the movie game in animating characters is even more restrictive than I realized.

Two cosplay ("costume player") computer geeks who wear absurd outfits to play their computer games actually decide to go out into the real world to save the day, fighting zombies, mummies, & the infamous Necromancer.

This "movie game" filmmaker has more micromovies at myspace & youtube. I watched two more, one about the day in the life (or death) of a zombie which was mildly amusing, the other a sequel more or less to Necromancer Lives, & then I gave up, as there clearly wasn't going to be much good to report.

It was my guess the Michigan director (who posts his videos only as "Dennis" & as "IseCreme") had to be somewhere between ten & fourteen years old. But good lord, he made these when he was thirty-six.

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