Werewolf Woman
aka, SHE-WOLF, or

Director: Rino Di Silvestro

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Werewolf Woman Screams & writing sorcerous nudity launches this cheezoid cheapy, so there's never any question but that this is to be exploitation through & through, & anyone patient enough to sit through it should be willing to judge it according to its ultra-lowbrow intent.

Sometimes alleged to be a "true" story, the English-dubbed version of La Lupa Mannara (1976) is presumedly in the public domain & apt to be released on video by just about anyone.

It's been distributed under a number of titles besides Werewolf Woman including She-Wolf, Legend of the Wolf Woman, Naked Werewolf Woman, Daughter of the Werewolf, & Blutmond: Terror of the She Wolf.

The gods alone know why, it was even once packaged under the title The Wolf Man, probably because whoever released it that time didn't bother to watch it & so didn't know it didn't have a wolfman in it.

Werewolf WomanDaniella (Annik Borel) turns into a goofy-looking hirsuit nude with black nipple extensions & the tip of her nose painted black. Not very sexy where horror & sexploitation is concerned.

Peasants with torches track the girl with the plastic halloween teeth & fuzzy black-tipped nose in a parody of James Whale's Frankenstein (1931). She's soon caught & burnt at the stake, poor doggy, when suddenly a modern-day Daniella played by the same blonde awakens as if from a nightmare.

Was she dreaming of a past life, or just dreaming? Finding out that she's the twin of her sexually demonic ancestress advances the twinkiness of the tale. Some family members begin to wonder if her obsessive fear isn't justified & she's a werewolf woman too.

She seduces Fabian (Andrea Scotti) by moonlight, having taken off all her clothes, & at first he really thought he'd gotten lucky. But then she bites out his throat with no transformation required.

She may not be a real werewolf but thinking she is seems to be just as good. There's no question now but that she's one hell of a loony chick, so she gets hauled off to the booby hatch.

Werewolf WomanIn the asylum they keep her drugged & use shock treatment, which keeps her barely conscious. Whenever she comes out of her haze she is again dangerous & acts like Linda Blaire from The Exorcist while bound to her hospital bed. The film is nothing if not referential.

A creepy nutsoid lesbian lets Daniella loose from the restraints while lasciviously grossing out all but the most desparately pervo pornhounds, getting murdered either for being gay or just for being such a skanky bad actress.

Daniella eventually gets control over her mania & falls in love, only to end up attacked by three rapists who kill her boyfriend, so it might've been better to have remained psychotic.

The story has by now foresworn its previous assertion that the moon has something to do with her behavior. Due to her disappointment in the results of sanity, she reverts & goes on a rampage killing people & smashing cars then going goes pyro all for revenge.

Her final stand is as a feral loony in the woods starting fires & snarling. Dragged back to the loony bin, she dies many years later.

I think the outline of this silly story could have made for a shlocko classic, but the abject lack of sexiness kind of ruins it even as a bad movie.

Except for the laughable opening scene that turned out to be a dream, there's no actual wherewolf in this psycho-babe fiasco. Swerving back & forth between ineffective porn & ineffective horror, it's just double the incompetence.

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copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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