Zombie Honeymoon

Director: David Gebroe

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Zombie Honeymoon Granny Artemis gave Zombie Honeymoon (2004) a three-word review: "A for Adorable!" Mine's a bit longer but otherwise the same:

Pert & sassy newlyweds Denise & Danny (Tracy Coogan & Graham Sibley), with childlike demeanors, are oh so very happy as they set out on their honeymoon, only to be attacked by a corpse that crawled out of the sea & vomited black sludge into Danny's face.

The retro-rocker soundtrack & an old-time drive-in movie exploitation pacing & style, with a little extra updating modernity, helps to make Zombie Honeymoon (2004) a hugely entertaining cheapy.

Zombie HoneymoonAlthough he's become a raging psycho flesh eating zombie, Danny swears to his sweety she's safe, because he loves her.

She's scared of him at first, but really does love him deeply. So she comes to terms with the fact that he's a murdering monster rotting a bit more each day.

Despite its campiness, it's played out as an authentic love story of two free spirited, artistic, romantic people striving to keep a horrific piece of misfortune from destroying their life together.

Zombie HoneymoonAlas there is no coming to terms with Danny's rapid deterioration & progressive memory loss, suggestive of a mindless zombie in the making.

Danny's transformation from nice-guy dork to fetid monster is wonderfully presented in & of itself. But the story context lends Zombie Honeymoon a level of truthful emotion rarely encountered in low-budget independent zombie features.

The parallel transformation of Denise from ditzy bride to determined, & grief-stricken heroine, is much subtler but an extremely well realized aspect of the tale.

Denise's last candlelit dinner for Danny is a loving suicide attempt that turns into a grim gore-fest with a tragic last-ditch moment of love triumphant. It's indeed an adorable film.

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