Anything Else


Director & Writer: Woody Allen

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Woody's misogyny truly dominates Anything Else -- a misogyny that is usually forgiveable if he's at least funny, but which is pathetic when he tries to fob it off as intellect or philosophy.

Christina Ricci's character was written as a lying faithless manipulating self-absorbed nut-job who is simultaneously frigid & oversexed -- besides child-like which Woody requires for his own woody.

The only thing good that can be said about her character is she sure does put Jason Biggs' weak-willed snivelling character through hell & it couldn't've happened to a more deserving cretin.

Yet as in all of Woody's "romances," the man grows & learns, the woman is incapable of growth.

Still, with neither of these two characters having more than a half-ounce of human merit, it was impossible to relate to anyone. The point of view character played by Biggs is so indistinguishable from the autobiographical characters Woody used to play himself that it is impossible to see this mensch as stand-alone & real rather than a puppet with Woody's hand up his arse.

Woody's own supporting role as snivelling Jerry's lunatic mentor Dobel provides the only real moments of comedy in this crappy film. In those moments when the pervo maistro is personally on screen, we are reminded of the fact that Woody really can be a funny son of a bitch.

Woody has made some great films -- like Zeleg, Broadway Danny Rose, Purple Rose of Cairo -- but he's also made some stinkeroos like Radio Days. Anything Else goes on the list stinkeroos.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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