Director: Brian Henson

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

The TV mini-series Farscape: The Peacekeeper War makes for a super-long DVD, better in the front & middle than at the end. It had all the flaws of the series (mainly the excessive focus on the two most commonplace characters who're not more interesting than everyone else & do not merit three-fourths of the screen time).

The "big" love story is tedious, yet the more imaginatively presented characters get their stories synopsized to miniscule, in order to have an overlong redundancy-filled development for the non-suspense central concern of "When Will They Get Married?" I say the marriage lasts three months, tops, & their instant-kid is going to hate both of them as two overgrown weeny-whinies.

Some design changes though minor were annoying for not matching the series. For example, Chiana's new eyeballs (goat-eyed contact lenses, sheesh, plus they kept slipping around in her face) were silly & there was no plot purpose to them except it was a quick & cheap way to get out of the previous cliffhanger that she'd gone blind, therefore no story needed to be told about her at all.

Then Pilot no longer had his delicate sweet voice, as Lani Tupo seems to have forgotten how he did that voice, so sounds aggressive & angry using his own Captain Crais voice instead of the mannered Pilot voice. This was a subtle but serious problem since the voice was so important to Pilot's character.

Still, in the larger picture, like the series, it contains much wonderful stuff, just nothing so darned wonderful that it's any pity if this is the utter end. It's a good thing to never have to suffer John & Sun's boring love story dragged through further episodes. And the Henson company stupidly left no option for a Dargo spin-off ditching the Harlequin Romance leads in favor of the exciting sci-fi heroism.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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