Director: Mark Steven Johnson

Reviewed by Paghat the Ratgirl

Visually chunky-butt Ben Affleck in a devil suit cannot overcome looking like a retard in a leather leotard. And the film is all down hill from there.

I hate to say that because I've seen enough interviews with the guy to get the impression that he's a really decent man, of the people, with love for his home town, his home team, & careful of the feelings of others. But he's just so horrible on screen!

DaredevilThe background story for Daredevil (2003) is pretty much a carbon copy of Batman & where he rents his unique arsenel & the costume isn't told. Instead of a spider-bite, his superpowers come from exposure to toxic waste.

His main power is super-hearing to make up for being blind, so he kind of hears & sees by sonar, like a bat, so perhaps he's more of a Batman than Batman.

His animated leaping from rooftop to rooftop is far too reminiscent of the cartoon & comix character "The Tick," which is supposed to look funny.

Right from the opening scene where Daredevil falls through the roof onto the cathedral floor, I thought he was hurt because, like the dork he appeared to be, he tripped & fell while pretending to be a Marvel Comics superhero, but nooooo, he got hurt in a big fight we'll find out about in flashbacks.

Jennifer Garner isn't as stupid-looking as Halle Berry being Catwoman (2004) in a fight, but neither is it surprising that she loses those fights. Her romantic bits with Affleck are somewhat effective -- more so than in the first Spiderman (2002) at least, but who goes to a comicbook movie for the love story.

Garner as semi-villain is the best thing in the film which isn't saying much. She does much more with the character in her own film, Elektra (2005), with thank the gods no Ben Affleck.

Michael Duncan Clarke has such a sweet face he's totally unconvincing as a cartoon badguy. Colin Farrell subdues his potential sexiness to become what is presumedly supposed to be a comic relief villain, though with a film this inept it's hard to know whose funny bits were intentional.

Whether this script could've been made into a good film is hard to say, but there was no chance at all with this no-magic cast.

copyright by Paghat the Ratgirl

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